Eat•Fresh|Tech — the dedicated ecommerce platform for meal-prep companies

Your life is about to get easier

Offering fresh food on pre-order?

Eat•Fresh is your one-stop solution for easy order fulfillment!

We've worked directly with a handful of meal-prep companies for over 5 years to build a customized ecommerce platform that meets the unique needs of a meal-prep business offering fresh, healthy food on a pre-order basis.

Having a solid, fully-functional, and reliable order platform builds trust with potential new customers, eases the process for recurring customers, and overall promotes the growth of the business.

Likewise on the backend, it smoothes out the process for the owner, enabling them to focus on the literal bread and butter of the business.

The Eat•Fresh platform now processes over $1 million in orders a year. Let us offer our experience to help you grow your business!


Every feature we build is intended to improve the experience of the customer, owner, and team members.

Our aim is to help your business scale without worrying about having to tweak or jerry-rig a solution to match your needs.

New features and improvements are deployed monthly, taking into account current customer requests needs.

Here's a short list of some of our favorite features:

  • Add meals, menus, drop-off locations, discounts, and more from the backend
  • All meals & menus are saved permanently and can easily be changed, duplicated, and reused
  • Switch menus on/off automatically by date & time
  • Intelligent messaging on the site so customers know when a menu is open, and when their order will be ready
  • Easily handle extras with a custom menu that automatically tracks & updates inventory in real-time
  • View current week's orders conveniently grouped together by date & menu
  • View totals for the week by meal category, type, and name
  • Offer recurring meal-plan subscriptions
  • Secure, PCI-Compliant transactions with all major credit/debit cards
  • Payments automatically deposited to your bank account (next-day or weekly)
  • Add & manage state + food/beverage tax in total, or on a location-basis
  • Sync with MailChimp to auto-add new customers
  • Send delivery confirmation emails per-location with one click
  • Send weekly order reminders automatically via SMS
  • Offer a wide range of discounts and gift vouchers

Maintenance, infrastructure updates & improvements are always provided free of charge to platform members.

Got questions or want more detailed info? Contact us below!

About Us

Hi, I'm Matt. 👋

I have 12+ years experience in software development, and love to help small businesses grow - especially those providing local fresh healthy food.

So many people WANT to eat healthier, but don't have the time, resources, or know-how to prepare good food themselves. That's where meal-prep companies like yours come in!

My goal is to support and help grow local food services so that everyone has the opportunity to eat fresh, local, healthy food.

With the Eat•Fresh platform, I work to make it easy for meal-prep companies to take & fufill orders, so they can focus their time and attention on making great food, and not worrying about the tech.

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